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With new instructional facilities, curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, students in the MEA department experience real-world training in new and emerging professional media.

Nearly four years, over one million dollars of funding and CTE grant-funded initiatives have enabied Radio Television Film, Animation and Journalism departments at COC to create a vastly overhauled, innovative approach to workforce training.

The basic philosophy for our Career Education model focuses on mentored, hands-on, experiential learning.

Nearly every aspect of the curriculum balances technical skill, process and application –– in fact, each of our 54 new and/or revised courses is designed to align with a specific skill set identified by one or more high-wage, high-skill or high-demand occupations in media and entertainment.

We believe students benefit from a rigorous model of training, and can start their journey while in high school.

Offering current production techniques and tools enables even the seasoned professional to re—train quickly and effectively through immersive practicum.